Mar 1, 2012

Dabbling on the edge of...

insanity perhaps?

Yesterday I realized that if I wanted my two sons at college to receive a "little something from home" to get them through mid-terms I had to get it in the mail!

I had been collecting items to send for the past few days but needed a theme to tie it all together. How do you make mid-term exams fun and exciting?  

Well, you don't... but you can celebrate the fact that you've made it half-way through the semester!

So I set to work turning wholes into halves.  Yes, I literally cut most of the items going into the box in half.

Half a package of pens and pencils, half a doodle pad, half a pack of sticky notes (that was the hardest to accomplish!)...

You get the idea!

But not everything can be divided!

Insane?  No doubt! But loving nonetheless!

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