Nov 12, 2009

Where's my Sleeve?

Having an ice dispenser in the door of your freezer is a wonderful convenience. That is until it turns into a mass of immoveable ice!

It is such a simple device. You press a button, the door opens and a motor sends some ice down the chute into your glass instantly chilling your favorite beverage. But what if, what if one rouge piece of ice refuses to leave the chute. It's not ready to melt and clings to the side of the chute lodging that simple little door open. No big deal, right? The ice will melt, the door will close. Right?


All, of the nice warm air from your house (remember the refrigerator is in the kitchen) rises up that ice chute and melts a few more cubes before the escapee melts and the door closes and the freezer refreezes the melted ice. Now, what seemed like such a small problem has turned into quite an ordeal, requiring hours of work to empty the freezer and thaw the ice dispenser (great use for a hair dryer).

I estimate it took a good sweater sleeve worth of knitting time to undo this mess!

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